Heating Cable in Industrial

Heating Cable in Industrial

Industrial plant with various facilities and equipments requires operational stability under wide range of circumstances.
Therefore , it is important that plant equipments shall respond to temperature changes, overcome extreme conditions and operate under such circumstances without failure. In many industrial processes, temperature management is critical. However, insulating materials that are commonly used to minimize thermal losses are not the perfect solution for preventing continuous heat losses.
You will need special solution about heat management for freeze protection and temperature maintenance.

Electric Heat tracing using self-regulating heating cable will be the best solution for your plant since the technology is clean, easily-applied, long-life and, most importantly, has high energy efficiency. For example, Electric Heat tracing can be applied to prevent freezing of fluids (solvents) in pipes for various industrial circumstances. By converting electrical energy to thermal energy, self-regulating cable helps fluids inside pipes not to freeze and to maintain liquidity.

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